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 Event Information

Date of Event:_________________________________________________________

Scheduled Event Start Time:____________________________________________________

Scheduled Event End Time:_____________________________________________________

Type of Event:_________________________________________________________

Number of Guests: __________________________

Color scheme of Event:________________________________________________________

Are Flowers being used:_______________________________________________________

Are Balloons being used:_______________________________________________________

(Separate consultation order form 
attached for flowers and balloons)

 Contact person:_______________________________________________________

Event Location

Name of Location:______________________________________________________

 Phone: _______________________

 Street Address:______________________________________________________

 City: _____________________________ State: ____________________  Zip: _______________


SALES TAX (0.07125%) $_________________

TOTAL FEE   $ ______________

MINUS RETAINER FEE $_____________

BALANCE DUE   Date _____/_______/________      $____________



 In the event that the equipment of the Candy Buffet is damaged due to the guest misuse or stolen, the client agrees to pay for all repair costs up to and including full replacement including shipping and handling of the apothecary jars and any of its decorations and accessories, if applicable.
This agreement has been executed and delivered by the client and acknowledges that upon acceptance the valid execution hereof UR LUXE EVENTS this agreement shall be binding whether transmitted by mail, email, scanned or facsimile.
Each party hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the other against any losses, including costs and attorneys’ fees, as a result of any claim, action, or proceeding arising out of,
connectedwith, or resulting from choking and allergic reactions to nuts or food. The maximum amount of any costs or damages you may recover from us as a result of our conduct pursuant to the foregoing is limited to any payments you have made to us under this Agreement.
By executing this agreement, you accept full responsibility and liability for any and all damages, injuries or delays that occur as a result of failure to comply with these provisions.

 I agree to the terms and conditions of the rental contract and agreement.

 Customer Signature_____________________________________


The information requested above is essential for the completion of a successful event for all involved.

Please make sure you have provided ALL information required and review it for accuracy. Your date will be held in our Event Book for one week after your contract is sent out. Please send your contract and retainer fee promptly to secure your date.

We will have a final consult to review the details 2 weeks prior to the event.
Please submit Event Contract by fax or scan to email
Email – denise@urluxeevent.biz
Fax – 661-422-6895

 Thank you, 
Denise Staley



Candy Buffet Contract

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