Some of the photos used on this website do not belong to UR LUXE EVENTS and are merely showing off examples of the different type of table theme that could be used for your event!

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Give your guests a feast for their eyes and treat for their taste buds!  For less than the cost of hors d'oeuvres, why not add a unique wow factor for your event and cross favors off your to-do list!  Just know
that your guests will be talking about the candy buffet long after your big event!

​                      UNIQUE ROYALE


*An example of a number of candies/ desserts that you could choose from!

36 dipped pretzel rods (up to 2 colors)
24 custom color 3.5" whirly pops (up to 2 colors)
24 pieces of custom color ribbon candy (choose 1 or 3 colors)
20 chocolate truffles
6 pounds of in-house candy
5 pounds of custom color candy 
4 pounds of custom colored M&Ms (1 color)
4 pounds of custom color foil wrapped chocolate balls (1 color)
4 pounds of in-house chocolate 

25-50 mini cupcakes 
30-60 two-bite brownies  
30-60 two-bite cookies
30-60 meringue kisses
25-50 mini rice Krispy treats 
20-40 cake pops or cake truffles (cake pops w/o sticks)
20-40 French Macaróns (3 flavors/color) 
20-40 regular cupcakes 
15-30 two-bite buttercream cookie sandwiches
15-30 push-pops (1 flavor) 


Why not contact us to help you get started, our Candy Buffets can be custom made to meet your individual needs. Pricing for each candy buffet is based on the number of guests attending, and what your particular needs may be.
We look forward to being a part of your beautiful event and giving you something to remember for many years to come.

We provide Gluten-
Free, Sugar-Free & Kosher candies as well.

We Cater Any Event Any Size
Bridal Showers
Engagement Parties
Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Corporate 7 Social Events
Awards & Recognition Ceremonies
Conventions & Corporate Service
Birthday Parties
Sweet Sixteens
Class Reunions
Grad Nights
Prom, Winter 
Formal, and Homecomings
Bat & Bar Mitzvahs
Store Grand Openings


  • Custom candy selections to match your event colors
  • Rental of all containers, scoops and custom jar tags, platters, standard linen
  • Customized table presentations
  • Set up, break down and downtime
  • Custom Favor Boxes
  • Guest Table Signs
  • Consultation
  • custom design
  • fresh candy and chocolates


Sample Our Candies…
Sixlets, M&M’s, Jordan Almonds, Gummy Bears, Licorice, Sour Belts, Sour Straws, Jelly Beans, Candy Buttons, Candy Corn, Rock candy sticks, Taffy, Lollipops, Pop Rocks, Skittles, Good & Plenty, Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, Nerds, Sweet tarts, Lemon Heads, Smarties, Red Hots, Hershey’s Bars, Reese’s, Pixy Stix, Bubble Gum, PEZ, Ring Pops, Sour Candy Necklaces, Push Pops, Air Heads, Wonka Bars, Xtreme, Giant Whirly Pops, Jaw Breakers, Mints, Jujyfruits, Dots, Twizzlers and more…

Dream Up Your Desserts…
Bite size mini pastries, desserts in shot glasses, donuts, cupcakes, rice crispy treats, cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries, flavored popcorn, fine chocolates, chocolate covered pretzel rods, kosher-nondairy desserts and more…

Perfect for any Event…
Add Elegance To Your Event – Our candy buffets are perfect for any event and add a perfect touch of luxury. We’ll make sure your couture candy bar is perfectly in line with your theme and adds a unique addition to your day! They’re perfect for engagements, bridal showers, weddings, sweet sixteens, reunions, holiday parties, corporate events, and so much more…




Less than 50 guests a surcharge will be required.

*Small Buffet Set Up Fee Starting @$200
50–75 guests (4-5 candy options – 5-8 jars) $4.75 per guest (specialty $5.50)

*Medium Buffet Set Up Fee Starting @$300
100-200 guests (7-9 candies – 10-13 jars) $6.50 per guest (specialty $7.50)

*Large Buffet Set Up Fee Starting @$450
200 – 300 guests (10-12 candies – 13-18 jars) $7.25 per guest (specialty $8.50)

*Private Soiree Candy Buffet Packages
Serving up to 15 guests price starts 
@ $150.00

*3 different candy *1 treat/ baked good          

Serving up to 25 guests price starts @$200
4 different candy choices*1 treat/ baked good

Serving up to 40 guests price starts @ $250
5 different candy choices*1 treat/ baked good

Baked Goods

Cupcakes, Mini-Cupcakes, Cookies, French Macarons, Cookie Pops & Cake pops or any special requests can be added to any Buffet for an ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

- 24 Cupcakes, Mini-Cupcakes, Cookies, French Macarons, Cookie Pops or Cake pops minimum.

Other services and items available
*Props for staging and specialty furniture
Contact us for pricing

*Fresh Flower Centerpieces - Event/Stage Bouquets
- Centerpieces starting at $17.95 with includes glass rental - deposit required

Requirements for booking
* At the time of booking, we will require a 50% non-refundable Retainers deposit for the order as you reserve your date and we begin working on your buffet/planning right away.

* We require a $50-$300 refundable damage deposit on all equipment depending on guest size.
* Final payment due 30 days prior to event
* Signed contract

A 50% Retainer is required to reserve your date. Retainers placed are non-refundable as you reserve your date and we begin working on your buffet/planning right away.